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Titanium Heat Pump - 140K BTU

Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Durability with the Raypak Heat Pump 8450 - Featuring a Titanium Heat Exchanger and 140K BTU Power!

- High Heating Capacity: With a heating capacity of 140,000 BTU, the Raypak Heat Pump 8450 Model is capable of heating large pools and spas quickly and efficiently, even in colder climates.
- User-Friendly Design: The Raypak Heat Pump 8450 Model is designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring an easy-to-use digital control panel and a compact, space-saving design. This makes it easy for pool owners to operate and maintain the heat pump, even

The Raypak Heat Pump 8450 Model with Titanium Heat Exchanger is a powerful and efficient heating solution for your pool or spa. With a heating capacity of 140K BTU, it can quickly and effectively heat up your pool water to your desired temperature. The titanium heat exchanger is highly resistant to corrosion and erosion, ensuring a longer lifespan and durability. This heat pump operates quietly, making it perfect for residential use. It also features a digital control panel with an easy-to-read display, allowing you to adjust the temperature and settings with ease. The Raypak Heat Pump 8450 Model is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting heating solution for their pool or spa.